How to regain your bliss anytime anywhere?

Having a bad day at work!
Having a tough time with your kids!
Having an awful time putting up with your in laws and their constant bickering!
Having depression just yet again!
Here is a quick exercise that can be done anywhere and it’s sure to get you back into the right spirits in few minutes.
Follow these steps to raise your vibration instantly,

  1. Isolate yourself to a quiet corner, or if at workplace just sit quietly in your chair.
  2. Switch off your mobile, or put it on silent for five minutes.
  3. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing.
  4. Take five deep breaths, inhale slowly and exhale passively.
  5. Imagine white divine light entering with each breath in your chest and filling up your heart.
  6. Now just remember the happiest moment of your life.
    It may be your wedding day, it may be the day you graduated, it may be the one when you were promoted, or it may be the day your first child was born, or it may be the day you adopted your loving pet, or the lovely time you had on your vacation!
  7. You can also think of the person you most love!
  8. Just relive that moment, and let that feeling of happiness penetrate every cell of your body.
  9. Slowly visualize that blissful feeling engulfing your entire body, and expanding to form a bubble around you.
    10.Imagine yourself standing in the middle of that bubble and feel warmth of peace all around you.
  10. Next, imagine yourself stepping out of that bubble, and feel coolness around you.
  11. Now come back and stand again within this bubble, and feel the warmth again.
  12. Do this 2-3 times to appreciate the sensations. It will improve with practice.
  13. Now you have your HAPPINESS BUBBLE ready.
  14. Whenever you are down and out, go stand near your Bubble, step into it and feel the warmth hugging you.
    So next time, you have things going wrong, keep your mood right by recalling your magical bubble!