For all of us to be holistically happy, we have to be successful in achieving our goals. We have to have clarity in our minds as to what we want of our lives, or where do we want to reach at a certain time in our life. This is a prerequisite, and the ultimate key to anyone’s success and happiness.
Just imagine that you are going to Simla (Point B) from Delhi (Point A). So the best thing you would do is to go to a railway station and board the train bound to Kalka. From there one would either take a cab, or take a train to Simla.
Now would you be irresponsible enough to board just any train, and not the one specifically bound to Kalka.
So even for a simple travel we have to do our research and find the best possible route and time.
Now extrapolating this to our lives- how can we move ahead in our lives, or better still, how can we undertake the journey of our lives without knowing our destination? We simply cannot afford to wander here and there aimlessly.
There should be clarity in our minds regarding what actually we want to achieve. Then the current situation of our life would be POINT A. And what we want to achieve would be Point B. And then it would be simple to work out our plan to move in that direction.
So to give more examples- any that teacher is successful who had always desired to become a teacher. That means he had a goal, and he achieved it by drawing out a plan and executing it. Similarly any that architect is happy and successful who had always loved playing with clay and given different shapes to it. Because ultimately he pursued his passion which was his primary goal.
So a major determinant of our happiness is our inner success story of having thought of, and having fulfilled our desires in an organized conscious effort towards first identification of individual goals and implementation of our plans to reach there.