Isn’t it common for all of us to feel depressed at times?

Sure shot ways of feeling instantly happy- ‘5 min happiness’

And sometimes it occurs when we actually cannot afford to spend time sulking, nursing our sad feelings. It’s like at that time, we have some job to do, some targets to be achieved, or projects to be completed. So we simply lack the liberty to brood on our gloomy selves. On these occasions, we need to have some quick fixes to repair our spoiled dejected mood. There are few time tested strategies to instantly lift our spirits and lighten our mood – ‘happiness booster shots’
Following ways can boost our frame of mind immediately,
Close your eyes and take three slow and deep breaths- focusing only on your breathing pattern. Feel the air moving in and out. Sit with closed eyes for 30 seconds and come back to present feeling refreshed.
Try a 45 second meditation- it can be passive or guided. Try not to think anything during that power break.
Take a power nap for 5 minutes. It disconnects you almost instantly to the bothersome feeling and you get up feeling revived.
Think of someone whom you love immensely- like your pet. Just remember the quality time you spent with it, experience that joy in mind. It really gives you a dose of a big High!
Take a break and grab a cup of coffee. Caffeine is a time tested methodology for lifting spirits.
Get out in nature. Take a small walk outside. Sunlight does wonders to our mood.
Talk to an old friend, give him a surprise call! Discuss old nostalgic time you had together. It is bound to get adrenaline rushing in your body.
Listen to your favorite music. That definitely soothes one’s aura.
It time permits, go get a head massage. You will come back rejuvenated.
Call up your parents. The Pep talk would do you good.
Exercise your muscle of gratitude. Draw up a list of things you are grateful for, and you will emerge feeling blessed.
Finish off your micro goals. That is, any pending work which you can complete in less than a minute- just get it done and get it out of the way! This will give you a sense of achievement and lift your spirits.
Put on your dancing shoes and go for a 30-second dance party all by yourself. Its bound to rectify your mood.
Perform a random act of kindness. Make someone happy unexpectedly- gift someone the thing they want, give some colleague half day off or surprise your parents by having a video chat with them! Anything! You will definitely emerge in a better frame of mind.
Watch a funny video on you tube.
Go down the memory lane. Take a sneak look at the old photographs depicting happy times.
Dress yourself up to kill. Dressing up yourself well gives strong sense of confidence, raising our vibrations.
So, don’t get worked up when things don’t go your way. Don’t get depressed. Follow any of above to achieve instant relaxation.