What went wrong?

So if prosperity is our birthright, why do we have such inequality that only few chosen ones are extremely rich and flourishing? And then, many are not that very blooming and opulent in life. Why such prejudice and non-objectivity by God. He created us all and loves us equally. So what transgressed this natural and desired state of abundance heritage for all?

The reason for this uneven distribution of HIS blessings lies within us. HE gave us the opportunity, HE gave us the means to be happy and prosperous but how did we express our gratitude‚Ķ.by walking on the path of the devil and indulging in wrongful and corrupt activities. It is very clearly written in many holy books including the Bible that come what may, we always have to follow the path of righteousness. We have to be honest and authentic in our dealings. When we were bestowed with intelligence by our dear God, we became autocratic and arrogant. That’s why each one of us has own individuality with our own set of karmas, our own destiny, and independent set of prosperity.

Deviation from the golden path has led to missing out of the opportunities otherwise due to us. We are not able to use our skills to the maximum so as to lead the successful and prosperous life that we truly deserve.

The bottom line is that God wants us to prosper but with the precondition that we should tread on HIS commanded route. God has forbidden us to use this prosperity for wrong purposes especially for harming or degrading anyone. We should utilize part of our success by actually helping those who are underprivileged, and maintain our store of good karma.