Is it wrong to have a desire for Prosperity?

There are some conceptions in our mind regarding prosperity since childhood. By default most of us have been programmed to feel guilty whenever we yearn for abundance, wealth and fame. In some corner of our minds, there is a belief that riches rob us of our true self.  There is a feeling that rich people are crooked, irreligious, self-centered, cunning and more importantly, not loved by Almighty, and usually are sent to HELL.

But here is a reality check. God created his most favorite species- us the Humans. He was most happy with HIS precious brainchild. He finally had Humans who could use their intelligence to appreciate HIS gorgeous piece of art-this UNIVERSE. As we all long for acknowledgment of our good work, so did our dear GOD for his beautiful creation.

 So how could He think of putting His most favorite sculpture through misery and pain? As is rightly said “You need a happy mind and beholders eye to appreciate beauty”.

And to be happy, one has to be contented, pain free and peaceful.

For that we do need our share of prosperity, isn’t it?