What is Prosperity?

To most of us ‘prosperity’ means materialistic success. It represents abundance of money, good fortune, thriving career and financial security. It means social standing and popularity. It is synonym with traveling in big cars, business classes, wearing expensive clothes and jewelry, enjoying vacations at exquisite locations in exclusive resorts. It may even signify beautiful looks for many.
But Hello! What about peace, contentment, loving relations and above all HAPPINESS.
Why we associate prosperity only to worldly goods, and why not to our individual possessions and achievements?
Prosperity of Mind: Peace, contentment, serenity, relaxed sleep.
Prosperity of Heart: Absolute love, true affection, fulfilling relationships.
Prosperity of body: Robust health
Prosperity of personal achievements – in career, interpersonal relationships, kindness, selfless work.
Prosperity of being an enlightened soul.
So. Prosperity is HOLISTIC Abundance
Abundance in all its forms- Health, wealth, relationships and spirituality

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