Journey of life

Journey of life has such a mystical touch to it, with so many expressions- materialistic, spiritual, religious, emotional and soul journey into beyond.

Life has various standpoints and commitments – Health, Family, work, career, friends, social life, personal growth, travel, recreation, spirituality and beliefs, community living and so on.

Universe has so many attributes and perceptions.

The entire Cosmos is so vivid with many hues.

Nature is so vibrant with colors.

Sky above is so vast, blue and never-ending.

Air around is so abundant and relaxing.

Gravity below is so solid and captivating.

Ocean is so enchanting with deep pure water giving precious breaths.

This and more gives rise to a fire within to FLY high and FREE.

Access to birthright to happiness needs to be established with a broad database.

It calls for some truth to be unveiled, knowledgebase to be expanded, unknown territories to be explored to help in making choices and gifting ourselves a holistic life.

It’s a call to know each and every tiny bitty thing to expand our horizon of know-how, it’s a pledge to imbibe old and new for highest good.

Hither anything and everything in the sky is discussed- health, wealth, travel, with reality check here and beyond.

Can we realize our full potential and sore to great heights?

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