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This venture is an attempt to help each doctor regain their glory and design the life they have always wished for.

If followed step by step all doctors can earn and enjoy good wealth, and have best of both the worlds- personal and professional. It is aimed at you having an extraordinary medical life.

Our courses can help you grow wealthy AND are extremely BENEFICIAL if :

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Being a doctor is more difficult than ever

There has never been a period when being a doctor has been more challenging, no ifs, ands, or buts. Today’s doctors are under pressure to visit more patients in less time, spend hours on the electronic medical record, and manage a variety of subpar administrative and organizational demands. These issues have only been made worse by the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, in a hush bush of daily affairs with increased patient load, rising expectations (both from patients and Government), as physicians we have lost contact with the purpose of our lives. We have somehow on the way lost our passion for medicine in daily monotony. It’s made life mundane, hollow and overwhelming. We have lost clarity on our personal and professional goals.

Successful doctors

Overwhelming Professional Life

We understand that our time, energy, and work-life balance severely gets taxed by the demands of your professional life as a doctor. The strains of working in the health care system can result in an epidemic of burnout. It can occasionally feel, well, overwhelming, to put it mildly. What if there was a method to keep yourself motivated and rediscover our love of medicine? The good news is that we can learn how to be resilient.

That’s the reason that few eminent doctors established this company to help fellow doctors lead the beautiful life they were promised at the start of their medical education. This venture is an attempt to help each doctor regain his glory and design the life he has always wished


Our Story

We at FRANKREAD cooperate with you all to develop individualised programmes, not quick fixes, because we are aware that doctors work in a high-pressure atmosphere. We’ll work with you to develop a variety of evidence-based ways to manage burnout, negativity, and stress utilising the most recent findings in resilience, leadership, performance, positive psychology, and contemplative practises.

Busy Doctors
श्रद्धा और सबुरी
“Our mission is to give doctors, physician leaders, and other healthcare workers the resources and self-assurance to build immense wealth they need to succeed in their lives and careers. This guidance is dedicated in true sense to helping you succeed.”
Through our guidance, you may carve out time and space to invest in yourself and work on things that will enable you to:
Become affluent and rich
Achieve Financial Freedom
Boost your fortitude
Set the things that are most important to you first.
Make sure that your aims and goals are very clear.
Manage your money better.
Cope with uncertain and difficult circumstances
Elicit long-lasting high performance
Create the life and career that you have always desired
Help beat Physician Burnout
Get your feeling of purpose back.
Make more time for the activities you enjoy
Boost your capacity for concentration
Use strategies to control your body's reaction to stress.
Connect with your true values, aspirations, and routines
Deal with patients and at home, portray your best self
Develop better work-life balance
Gain the confidence to say "No" in situations involving patients.
Manage tense discussions
Regain empathy for both yourself and others.
Improve your ability to deal with bullying by managing change well
Become more centred and anchored
Develop emotional intelligence
Control imposter syndrome
Handle disagreements with assurance and personal effect without being combative.
The problems that your employment may be bringing in your personal relationships should be better managed
Feel more assured
Live a fulfilled life.
Recognize that you possess the abilities, resources, and tools necessary to go to bed each night satisfied with the work you accomplish.

Our Proud

Board of Directors

Dr. Aseem R. Srivastava

Senior Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

“The ability to design strategic and tactical strategies for your personal and professional improvement makes personal development goals crucial. You can clearly see where you want to be in the coming months and years by setting personal development goals. It provides you with a well-structured action plan to help you realise your career goals.”

Dr. Shyamveer Singh Khangarot

Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon

“”Late starts and unpredictable extended work hours have an impact on a doctor’s financial situation. They don’t have a lot of time to focus on financial preparation.”

Dr Preeti Patni

Senior Pathologist

“ Building resilience and good mental health, two important issues for those in the medical industry, is facilitated by switching from a fixed to a growth mindset. This is because resilience strategies involve how we interpret the events that happen to us, and there are good and unhealthy ways to do so.”

Dr.Manish Vilas Jawakar

MBBS, MS, MCh(CTVS),Fellow in cardiothoracic surgery, AUSTRALIA

“The development of the soft skills like communication, emotional intelligence, problem solving skills etc can occasionally be disregarded in favour of passing exams and mastering techniques, one of the many challenging tasks in becoming a doctor. But without them, your medical career will already be doomed from the start.”

Mr. Prateek Mehta

Business & Life Coach, Seasoned Corporate Leader with more than 20 years experience

“Giving people medicines and helping them get well is wonderful, but chances are that at some point in your career you’ll be running your own business. Medical business training can be helpful in this situation.”

Recognize that you possess the abilities, resources, and tools necessary to go to bed each night satisfied with the work you accomplish and money you make!.


About our clients

Dr. Bhavana Sharma

" People need such guidance at this stage but they hesitate to ask help , besides such guidance is not usually offered generally. Yesterday " work place etiquettes " - part was very different , learned so much new things . Now I need time to apply it practically & progress. It's actually been life changing 🙏🏻"

Dr. Nandish

"In my view, I have learnt lots of new things from the changing lane session. What areas to focus and what should be avoided to excel in each aspect of life. Last lecture was very much helpful and important as it taught us what we face on everyday and we never cared about that. 👍"

Dr. Anirbhan

"The course was set out to address the unseen hurdles which slow down the pace of life. The course was rightly structured, the points were taken up, built upon and served on the platter week after week. Although sessions were a bit stretching, there was lot of scope for bilateral interaction and doubt clearing.. Most of the Doctor related issues were duly addressed.. Approach towards life has changed, thank you "

Dr. Kasi

"It's actually nice experience with lot and lot of advices and motivational ideas for life . Difficult to follow each ideas in life , but i have started using it slowly and finding a big change. . Last class was very nice . . And time management and goal setting are so nice . . Changing lane class definitely makes me to choose right things in life . . 🙏🙏"

Dr. Rajat

"Great experience, sessions were well structured and impactful. grateful to b part of it. Changing Lane' has actually changed me for good"

Dr. Viral

"All session help to change our life goals in very systemic way. A very life changing experience "

Dr. Srinivas

"I have completed the full course of changing lane with in the due course. Topics were covered in such a way which will be useful in our day to day personal and professional life. Definitely I got a change in my thought process after the course and a better mental stability."

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