Do I deserve wealth and not be guilty about it?

“Are you deserving of wealth? Are you worthy of wealth?
Do you honestly think you merit it,
even if you don’t put forth a lot of effort?
even if your family and friends don’t have it?
even if you lack the degree of knowledge or skills that you think you NEED to have in order to succeed?”
Are not these depressing thoughts running silently in our minds disturbing our peace and calmness?

Many people think they don’t deserve prosperity unless they work incredibly hard for it, unless they have slogged nonstop! And if everyone else they know and love isn’t able to enjoy the same level of riches, they’ll frequently feel terrible about enjoying it themselves even though they know they had worked hard for it!

If you feel deep down in your heart that you don’t fully deserve to live a life of prosperity, freedom, and choice… it’s possible that this is the very cause of your financial difficulties, or your inability to get the time freedom you so much yearned for.
Always keep in mind that your inner, subconscious thoughts about money have a significant influence on how you experience the outside world.
We all have beliefs that we have come to accept as “truths” as a result of our upbringing and training during childhood days. We pretty much inherit these from usually our parents, our role models, and our societal and cultural influences.

These attitudes about money are sometimes commonly heard as “money doesn’t grow on trees” or “you have to work for what you get.”
From a young age, we internalize the meaning of these expressions after hearing them often, and then hold on to them for the rest of our lives!

These passed-down ideas most likely became part of the cultural consciousness because they offered protection against suffering, injury, or disappointment earlier in history. Times when, for instance, there was no middle class, professional choices and life trajectories were radically different, and societal standards that would be unthinkable to us now (slavery, anyone?) were still in force.

Even though the world may have changed since then in a variety of ways, and even though we are currently experiencing an era of unparalleled external change (and opportunity! ), at a subliminal level, many of us still cling tenaciously to the same unchanging and yet outmoded notions!
These ideas frequently do us no good now. The opposite is true: they actually hinder us in ways we aren’t even aware of. They are known as limiting beliefs for this reason.

Here’s a terrific thought: Why do you have to limit any wealth that may come into your life to that which results from “hard work”?


If you desire liberty, autonomy, and abundance in your life… Does it truly serve you to think that the way to get there has to be paved with hardship, toil, and sacrifice?
No, absolutely not!
And in fact, believing that these things are, always and now, at your disposal is the quickest path to a life of freedom, choice, and abundance. You should presume these things as integral components of your true path.
And as your outer circumstances reflect your inner beliefs NOW and ALWAYS, if you have a strong belief that you are deserving of money or that it can come to you readily – money would actually flow into your life readily NOW and ALWAYS. You just have to sincerely believe and accept at a deep, internal level in your own deservingness of prosperity.

In the end, the subconscious mind always wins. It also wins out at every point along the way.
So, Change Your Attitude to Change Your Reality!
Because when you believe something to be true, it manifests and wealth becomes your daily life. And the benefits are fantastic!

How would you like to live a life of abundance, freedom, and choice? Need it?
You can have it, I assure you. You deserve it all the way, and can welcome it to stay in your life always!
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