Be the Real You at your workplace

What I mean is: make your work your pleasure!

Bring your authentic self to work. No matter where you work or how dull or meaningless your job may appear, by adding your individuality to the mix, you can make it more enjoyable and meaningful. More often than not we try to project ourselves as someone totally different from our natural self. We hide our true self under layers of pretense, mostly due to our own inferiority complex or to cover up for our shortcomings or may be for getting accepted by our peers. In such a situation our true potential is also shadowed, we don’t perform or behave the way we would have as per our true nature.

It’s more humanizing, enjoyable and more gratifying for you, your coworkers, and the people you are tasked to serve. It’s a lot more refreshing, especially when someone else is interested in real you. It gives you a boost of dopamine, the happy hormone. You feel accepted and liked. It’s similar to taking a break without actually taking a break. I hope you understand what I mean! You are always surrounded by a sense of positivity which amplifies our energy to perform.
A good performance really fulfills from within. It boosts our confidence and spirits.
It might very well be a remedy for the burnout one occasionally feels. It might be the key to rediscovering the energy of youth thereby prolonging your healthy years.

Keep learning from your own experiences, sharing them with others to help you gain a broader perspective of things, and life in general.

Life is brief. Live it to the fullest and don’t waste anything. Make your life’s path into a thrilling adventure story with an enthralling climax.
Make the most of your brief time here on earth. Profit from your unique qualities and be your authentic self. Remain your true self always. Never abandon your golden self for anyone in this world.